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What is Good.Beautiful.True ?

My name is Jill Alexy, and I am the founder of Martyrian. 

For years, under the umbrella of 'Martyrian', I have led tours & pilgrimages, organized chapter visits for major philanthropic groups, designed study abroad & Pontifical/Vatican courses, advised charitable boards, and consulted with several Vatican offices, dioceses & dicasteries.

Now, I am working with a team of independent co-collaborators to synthesize the many passions I have pursued in my work with Martyrian. As my breath of past experience shows, I have tried to pursue projects where travel, higher-education, church affairs, leadership development, and philanthropy intersect. 

Does that seem like a stretch?  To better explain our mission, and to better share our latest projects and initiatives with you, we have launched this simple website to draw your attention to projects & opportunities we are passionate about.

My team and I want to show you, our supporters & stakeholders, how the projects we will incubate with Good.Beautiful.True are a part of a transcendental goal.  Because we believe that everything that aims to accomplish the Good, the Beautiful, and the True can become globally interconnected in the real world & online.

Join  Us & Join the Journey!



The Good.Beautiful.True is a hub for generating new ideas & new funds for small-scale projects being launched by Martyrian. 

You will see our current projects under launch categorized into the  'transcendentals': The Good, The Beauitful, and The True. 

Please click on each category to learn more and get involved.


How can we work towards the common good in our service to others? For the past year, Martyrian has supported a collaboration between migrants & refugees, university students, and local young professionals so that these constituent groups can learn from each other and realize Good together. We do not throw away things, we do not throw away experiences, and we do not throw away people.  Reach out to us if you, too want to get involved in this Good.


We are in the process of developing short highlight videos and interactive webinars and livestreams that introduce lessons from some of the most beautiful cultural sites in the world. These videos will not just educate, they will also form you; they will not just teach you; they will inspire you. To learn more about our BEAUTIFUL project, please click on the 'Learn More' button below.


Part online education platform, part leadership network, we are using a decade's worth of experience working with Vatican philanthropic groups, a Pontifical University, and the most dynamic educators & exclusive cultural sites to develop To help us achieve our goal of the pre-launch of our TRUE project in Summer 2020, please visit or consider contributing to the launch of the future of higher-education & leadership formation:




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