Working towards achieving the Common Good

How can we work towards the common good in our service to others? For the past year, Martyrian has supported a collaboration between migrants & refugees, university students, and local young professionals so that these constituent groups can learn from each other and realize Good together. We do not throw away things, we do not throw away experiences, and we do not throw away people.  Reach out to us if you, too want to get involved in this Good.


Now, more than ever, the situation is dire.  The poor, and especially migrants and refugees, who rely on begging and odd-jobs to sustain themselves on a day-to-day basis have run out of cash and money after being locked at home for a month.  And when the Coronavirus crisis passes, the tourism & service industry dollars they relied on before to scrape by, will no longer be there.  These are people who do not live in emergency shelters, and who have no access to soup kitchens, due to the restrictions on movement.  They tend to live in the far outskirts.  When life was normal, they would commute up to 2 hours to get into Rome.  Now, they are marooned in these small towns that dot the Italian countryside.  They have few skills, and even less information. Often, the news does not reach them and they do not know where to turn for help.


As an intermediate solution, would you be able to give 20minutes of your time to help these people? On the one hand, the simple gift of 20 minutes of your time will help keep them company.  On the other hand, with time to kill, perhaps they can learn useful basic skills that will position them to find odd jobs when life begins to return back to normal.

If you would like to contribute the gift of your time and talent, please click on the 'Contribute' button below.

With a simple phone call or video call over WhatsApp, we are looking for people who can talk one-on-one with somebody about:

Helping them with their Italian lessons.  Just simple conversational practice is enough!

  • Cooking a simple dish, with 3-4 inexpensive ingredients that one can easily find in Italy.  For example: how to make meatballs in a plain tomato sauce.​​

  • Helping them to know the basics about having a successful social media account.  How should they install or build an instagram account?  What about helping them to make TikTok or youtube videos with the old, limited phones that they have?  This is a great way even young college kids stuck at home can help out!

  • Working on simple home cleaning tasks. Do you have any great tips or tricks to share for becoming an expert at ironing? 

  • Completing simple home renovation projects.  Are you addicted to HGTV and home reno? Maybe you can chat with them about how to fix a small problem in the sink? What about how to sand and refinish/paint a piece of wood? How to make old silverware and metal pieces come back to life?

  • Teaching them how to keep accounting records: how can they practice with their simple rent, utility, and grocery payments so as to gain the basics on household accounting?


After the Coronavirus crisis passes, and as the world (and tourism industry!) begins to return to normal, our long term goal is to find a nexus of opportunity that touches on:

* home- and antiques/vintage goods renovation

*education and management experience for young professionals  

*basic skills learning and cultural immersion for migrants & refugees

*sustainable tourism

Imagine what it would be like to visit the vintage markets of Paris or Rome on a guided tour to find the best stalls?  And then had an opportunity to clean/renovate/renew your purchases with the skilled work of a local migrant or refugee?  All the while giving young locals with lots of education but little opportunity, hands-on experience with entrepreneurship & management? 

Now, THAT, is a common good: a good we can all commonly achieve together.

Contribute Money for Immediate Short Term Assistance

If you want to make a tax-deductible donation to a non-profit organization so as to support a wider & longer-lasting charitable effort, the Community of Sant Egidio offers online Italian courses, providing remote assistance, and running local soup kitchens for those who are homeless in Rome.  Even during the time of the Coronavirus Crisis.  You can donate here:

If you would like to contribute to the emergency needs of a small group of migrants & refugees, small donations between $1-$10 will be accepted via the 'Give' link below.  Once the upper limit of $650 in contributions has been met, all funds will be directed to a small stat up project to help the refugees and unemployed young professionals create, design, and sell artisanal goods.  First up: candle making in vintage containers !

The funds raised will go directly to a group of refugees who live in the town of Cave, located in Lazio, outside Rome. And the money will be used to purchase food & necessities for the months of April & May. All the funds (after PayPal processing fees) will be paid into a PostePay Card account in Italy, maintained by our trusted migrant coordinator, Elvis Sunday.   Look for posts & instagram stories about Elvis & his friends on the @catholicjill social media accounts.


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